Masterclass Testimonials

Every year, of the regular attenders in Lynne’s Masterclass groups, virtually everyone makes some sort of major shift. However, don’t take our word for it. Below are some of the glowing reviews we’ve received: 

“[I] overcame symptoms of PTSD and depression…we’re now well into the year and I’m off medication, and I haven’t had a flash back or a panic attack since starting my journey this year” – Michelle Williamson (2019)
“This year, during your Master Intenders class, I wrote my book…see, it really does work” – Eileen Colts (2019)
“We had a woman have cancer [which was then] gone…that was [in] our first two to three weeks of our group it was so amazing” – Emalani Ramirez (2019)
“Working in the group gave me an extra boost of integrity to follow-up on what I was going to do…and by 6 months the breast lumps had completely dissolved and were gone.” – Patty Rutledge (2017)
“As I did those intentions, I really felt so much change inside myself…and my book became an Amazon bestseller.” – Lisa Wheeler (2017)
“…this is the most phenomenal, the most powerful, the most direct” – Wes Chapman, 2017

And here are more glowing testimonials from former Masterclass attendees:

“We’ve had many, many successes — a cancer patient getting the immunology treatments she needs, a homeless friend finding a refuge where she too can be of service, a drug-relapsed son agreeing to go to rehab, an auto-immune patient regaining vitality in time for a sacred trip to Egypt, Many ‘miracles.” - Dulanie La Barre (2019)

“I've experienced my own healing although I have never focused on my health but rather in other areas of my life. I am much happier. I am smiling more often. I have a support system there and I feel comfortable with them. I didn't know what I was lacking until I meet my power of 8.” - Joann Sanchez (2019)

“When I joined the power of 8, my main intention was to heal SIBO , small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. In September I did the breath test through my naturopath and SIBO is gone completely.  I am so happy, I have more energy, no more headaches or abdominal pain, the last to go was the brain fog and now I am just tired normally at the end of a day.” – Louise (2019)

“Thanks so much for coming up with this intending system Lynne, many thousands of lives have been magically impacted and it’s a wonderful thing! Also, it brought us new friends and a great support system without individual groups and throughout the world!” – Teri B (2019)

"Since +/- 25 years I have had a food allergy: shellfish, coffee, green peas, mango and a whole range of other products affected me. Early in the course I started to feel a change. Instead of feeling a repulsion just having the scent of those products, I was more and more attracted by them: so much that I wanted to eat them. And what a surprise, I could have them and ever since I never have had any allergic reaction!" Anita Gremmen (2019)

 ''Looking back at this year's Masterclass, I realize that the gift this has essentially given me, is the deep connecting contact with the wonderful ladies of our group, Here, There and Everywhere. And when I look at what the intentions have done to me, I realize that although I have never really asked our group to do intentions in connection with my health (Lyme disease, joint and muscle pain, low immunity, etc.), I must admit that I have had improvement e.g. concerning joint pains and muscle pain." Rita Stevens (2019)

“I wanted to let you know that 8 of us from your Power of Eight 2018 cohort...'The Chimps' are still meeting weekly! We've become very close and have supported each other, and those close to us through some difficult times. We have a sense that we were all meant to meet at this time. We've experienced some wonderful results and have all benefited from the rebound effect.” –  Hannah Cox (2018)

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