Lynne McTaggart has written four significant books in the areas of quantum physics, spirituality and health.

The Power of Eight

Discover how to tap into your extraordinary human capacity for connection and healing, using astonishing new findings about the miraculous power of group intention and its boomerang effect.

In The Power of Eight®, Lynne reveals her remarkable findings from decades of researching and experimenting with small and large groups about how group intention can heal our lives – and change the world for the better.

When individuals in a group focus their intention together on a single target, a powerful collective dynamic emerges that can heal longstanding conditions, mend fractured relationships, lower violence and even rekindle life purpose.

But the greatest untold truth of all is that group intention has a mirror effect, not only affecting the recipient but also reflecting back on the senders.

The Power of Eight is also Lynne’s own journey to make sense of all the miracles she witnessed. She dives into the larger context of the science behind this phenomenon, drawing on esoteric and historical religious practices, studies of prayer and altruism – and finally organizing a major independent university study of Power of Eight® groups to explain how and why sending altruistic thoughts of healing in a group setting is a fast track to the miraculous.

From the hundreds of case studies and a complete how-to of Lynne’s techniques, you will learn to use the collective energies of The Power of Eight® and unleash the power you hold inside of you to heal your own life.


The Intention Experiment

This revolutionary exploration of the science of intention seeks to answer the most fundamental question left unanswered by The Field: if we are all connected, can our thoughts and intentions affect and change the world and things ‘out there’?

To find out, Lynne again carried out exhaustive investigations, including interviews with scientists around the world, and collated the most impressive data yet on intention, or the power of thought.

After distilling the practices of a many intention ‘masters,’ Lynne also created the world’s only toolkit for using and receiving intention based on a unique blend of science and ancient wisdom.

The Intention Experiment is a ‘living book’: working with a consortium of scientists, Lynne periodically invites her worldwide audience to take part in online Intention Experiments examining the power of group intention to effect measurable targets under scientifically controlled targets.

By participating in world’s largest mind-over-matter studies, the readers themselves get to become a part of scientific history.

The Intention experiment ENDORSEMENTS

The Bond

We need to take measures more radical than individual instances of benign capitalism or civic recovery.  We require nothing less than a revolution in our thinking.”

The third of this groundbreaking quartet, The Bond is a brilliant new blueprint for living a more harmonious, prosperous, and connected life – based on the findings of the new science.  If we are not separate, how do we live?  What’s the new way to be?

We are currently in crisis because we live a lie. We believe life is all about I win-you lose – survival of the fittest.  But in fact, we flourish only when we work together as part of a greater whole, as Lynne’s profound and life-altering book proves.

Pulling together a vast array of cutting-edge scientific discoveries, Lynne demonstrates that we are in a ‘Bond’ — a profound interconnection — with everything and everyone. If we are to survive and prosper, individually and collectively, we must learn to move past ‘every man for himself’ to ‘we’re all in this together.’

The Bond, which has received plaudits around the world, including a gold Nautilus award for the Best New Science book of 2012, also sets out the first complete ‘how-to’ manual for how to get through the many challenges of our times – and thrive.

Lynne offers extensive exercises to help you retrain yourself to see the world from a more holistic perspective, enjoy closer, more connected relationships, create a more united community and workplace, and transform into a powerful agent of change.

These ‘Tools for a New World’ contain extensive exercises and practices to help you heal your own world — your relationships, your workplace, your neighborhood, and community – and the world at large.

As the first roadmap of how to live according to the new scientific story, The Bond is the way forward, the next stage in our evolution.


The Field

You never were alone. You were always part of a greater whole.’

In this groundbreaking classic, Lynne reveals a radical new paradigm – that the human mind and body are not separate from their environment but a pocket of pulsating power constantly interacting with this vast energy sea, and that consciousness may be central in shaping our world.

Considered the seminal work of the New Age, The Field provides a scientific explanation for so-called ‘paranormal’ phenomena, from ESP and spiritual healing to the collective unconscious.

The Field is a highly readable scientific detective story presenting a stunning picture of an interconnected universe and a new scientific theory that makes sense of supernatural phenomena.

The book explains that everything is connected by the Zero Point Field (ZPF), a sea of energy that reconciles mind with matter, classic science with quantum physics, and science with religion.

The Field has inspired hundreds of thousands of people from various walks of life, including religious leaders, physicists, healers and, most important of all anyone who seeks scientific evidence for the innate sense that we are not separate, but were  always part of a greater whole.

It’s now required reading in some university courses and courses for many healing disciplines around the world.


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