Lynne McTaggart’s The Field is a best-seller and one of the seminal ‘must read’ books of the New Age movement.

It elegantly and compellingly bridges the worlds of spirituality and the new science.

But reader after reader contacted Lynne with a similar question: It’s all wonderful and inspiring…but how do I live the Field?

It was a good question, and for Lynne, a pain-staking researcher and investigator, it was a challenge.

And her response was every bit as good as The Field, although a little longer. In fact, it was a 48-issue part-work, comprising 768 pages and 615,000 words! Over a four-year period, subscribers were sent a new edition each month, and they were taken, step by step, through the ‘secrets’ of healing and ESP, and the more everyday issues of raising children in a sense of spirit, finding the career that is the truest expression of yourself, and much more besides.

Quite an undertaking for writer and reader alike, so we have broken down the course into specific subjects taken from the course: in all, we have prepared 24 special editions, including Directed Intention, Children and the Field, Energy Therapy and Relationships.


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