Intention of the Week: Leoni Bunch Help us to heal her polycystic ovarian syndrome

Erica from our community has nominated her daughter, Leoni Bunch, aged 27, who lives in Sydney, Australia. Here’s her story:

“Her condition is medically uncontrollable weight gain due to polycystic ovarian syndrome. I believe this is exacerbated by deep emotional trauma when she was fourteen. She recently broke her ankle and is banned from exercise for many months.

“She can’t meditate for more than a few minutes without crying and sobbing. There is so much pain within. If she keeps pushing forward in life without addressing this, she will eventually break. I pray constantly that she will find a way to go within and face her demons. She is vegan and a truly compassionate activist.”

Please hold the following intention on Sunday, December 11 at 9 am Pacific US time/12 noon Eastern US/6 pm UK/7 pm Europe:

‘Our intention is for Leoni Bunch to be healed of her weight gain due to polycystic ovarian syndrome, and also her emotional trauma, and to be healthy and well in every way.’

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WDDTY Health Alert

Get the point? Acupuncture cuts hot flashes by half

Acupuncture can halve the frequency of hot flashes suffered by women going through the menopause.

The rate of hot flashes and night sweats went down after three or four treatments in around half the women tested, say researchers who tested the therapy in 209 peri- and postmenopausal women experiencing at least four hot flashes or night sweats every day.

Nearly half the women saw a 47 per cent reduction, while almost 12 per cent reported that their episodes had stopped almost completely—although 4 per cent actually saw the problem increase.

The women had up to 20 acupuncture treatments within six months, and most of those who saw their flashes decrease started seeing improvements after three sessions, say researchers from Wake Forest School of Medicine.

Menopause, 2016; 1: doi: 10.1097/GME.0000000000000735

Thank you to all our readers who voted for us as Health Website of the Year.  I’m delighted to announce that What Doctors Don’t Tell You won both Best Health Website of the Year and Most Popular Website of the Year. Bless you all for voting for us!

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Needed now more than ever

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In case you haven’t yet read The Bond, the third of Lynne’s trilogy is a brilliant new blueprint for living a more harmonious, prosperous and connected life – based on the findings of the new science.

No other book is more relevant for our polarized times and for uniting our divided communities.

Lynne sets out the first complete ‘how-to’ manual to help you retrain yourself to see the world from a more holistic perspective, enjoy closer, more connected relationships, create a more united community and workplace, and transform into a powerful agent of change.

In particular, she provides a complete program for communicating effectively with ‘the other.’

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Lynne recommends: Join me in Tuscany May 5-12, 2017

I’m running a very special week-long advanced Intention Masterclass retreat next year in an idyllic villa in amazing Tuscany that I thought you’d love to know about – and I’d very much like you to be among the select few who will be joining me.

The workshop brings together all the material I have learned about to use intention to heal longstanding conditions, mend relationships, improve finances or career, or even reboot your life’s purpose.

But we’ll also show you how to stop sabotaging your own highest aspirations and to reprogram your own negative thought stream from situations in your past that were improperly understood.

I’ll be joined at the workshop by my husband Bryan Hubbard, fellow editor of What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine, and author of The Untrue Story of You, fast becoming something of a cult spiritual classic.

Bryan will reveal to you the unconscious patterns of your life and why many of your intentions don’t work, despite your best ‘intentions.’

In addition to attending intention ‘bootcamp’ we have special excursions planned to Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Perugia, the Chianti Trail, and the Brunello Region, and we’ll also be spending our downtime wine-tasting, sampling the wonders of Italian cuisine, and just relaxing by the villa’s pool, spa and incomparable grounds.

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