Rewrite your past, reclaim your future

June 3-5, 2016

Only London date in 2016! Join Lynne and Bryan Hubbard, author of the groundbreaking The Untrue Story of You, in this 3-day workshop and learn how to use conscious intention to overcome the demons of the past, which hold you back.

Lynne and Bryan’s advanced mentoring program, a unique blend of both of their discoveries, will teach you how to use your thoughts to overcome exactly what holding you back from making your dreams come true – with your relationships, your career, your family, your highest aspirations.

Over this weekend event you will:

  • Learn how to use intention to change your ‘broadcast’ from scarcity and lack to abundance
  • Discover how your incomplete understanding of the past is undermining your present and future
  • Find out to ignite intention to improve every relationship in your life
    Three-quarters of Lynne’s participants notice changes in their relationships with others. People report getting along better with spouse siblings, neighbours, clients, even ‘not-so-nice bosses.’
  • Develop special techniques to ‘go back’ and ‘re-do’ situations from your past
  • ‘Supersize’ your intentions and life shifts through the power of a small group

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