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As the world’s pre-eminent authority about the new science and its impact on our lives, Lynne McTaggart and her message can touch audiences from all walks of life, from New Age spiritual seekers and alternative practitioners to Malaysian bankers and sheiks in the Middle East.

She is a dynamic, powerful orator now accustomed to receiving standing ovations.

She is also runs life-transforming workshops, a unique blend of easily digestible science and spirituality, with a powerful toolkit to help transform either individual lives or entire work forces.

Lynne delivers keynote speeches on all aspects of the:

  • New Science
  • Intention
  • The Field
  • The Bond or the Power of Eight
  • and also on the limitations of conventional medicine and the promise of better alternatives.

Her workshops include such themes as the:

  • Intention Masterclass
  • Bond Bootcamp
  • Rewrite your Life’s Script, and with her husband author Bryan Hubbard, Rewrite your Past, Reclaim Your Future.

Watch Lynne Speak

Lynne at I Can Do It London

Lynne at The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution

The Bond: Tools for a New World

Life Talks