Brexit: A lucky escape from the Vitamin Laws

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Whether or not you’re for or against Brexit, there’s one undeniable area where Britain has an opportunity to improve things: the natural health and supplements market.

Back in 2000, the Brussels European Commission declared that there was a wide disparity between the laws of individual EU members on the dosages allowed for vitamin supplements.

In France and Germany, for instance, no products containing more than one to three times the RDA could be sold without a pharmaceutical license, while the UK and the Netherlands had always enjoyed liberal laws relating to the content of vitamins, with few trade restrictions across other European countries. 


Brexit: igniting evolution

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I live in the UK, but as it happened, I was in America the day of the Brexit vote and the US press reacted as though Britain had taken leave not just of Europe, but of its collective senses.

Fox News gave us the moment by moment collapse of the British pound against the US dollar and the crash of the FTSE 500 and other markets.

You must be crazy, most of my American friends said. Why would Britain vote to leave a great trading bloc?

Laws from south of the border
For all my American friends who aren’t aware of the political component of the EU, consider the following. Suppose you have a trading agreement with all of South and Central America. Then it transpires that as a condition of membership you now have to accept that Mexico will create a commission of unelected people who will frame up to 60 per cent of your laws, and not just those relating to trade.



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