A special letter from Lynne McTaggart

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Join me in a year-long, life-healing experience and be part of my next book

‘My life – everything about it – my health, relationships, outlook, energy level, happiness, openness, etc. just keep improving; I've plainly shifted.’

That’s the typical comment of one of the participants in one of my Intention Experiments. In case you don’t know, besides the science of cutting edge alternative medicine, I’m also fascinated by the science of spirituality. In 2007, I created the world’s largest global laboratory and, with a team of prestigious scientists, conducted the first controlled experiments into the power of mass intention to affect the physical world.


The Holy Instant

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‘I felt like I was part of a power surge (sort of like what I imagine it would be like to be locked in a tractor beam like is described on Star Trek). I was being pulled along on this giant wave of energy while also being part of the cause of the wave – it was very powerful.’


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