Do we have to kill cancer?

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Dr Larry Dossey, author of Be Careful What You Pray For …once noted that negative intention is the very foundation of most healing. Healing from an infectious agent or a rogue cell line such as cancer requires intent to harm.

It works from a desire to kill something: to inhibit bacterial enzymes, alter cell membrane permeability, or interfere with the nutrition given to the cell or the synthesis of DNA. In order for the patient to get better, the offending agent has to die.

Many pioneers of mind–body medicine in the treatment of cancer, such as Dr Bernie Siegel, Dr Carl Simonton, and Australian psychiatrist Ainslie Meares, have encouraged their patients to use vivid forms of mental imagery – a metaphoric representation of their illness – to enhance their healing.


Dollars and Cents About Science

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Simon Singh takes money from Coca-Cola, and says that sugary drinks aren’t unhealthy

Simon Singh’s charity Sense About Science has been making unscientific claims that processed sugars aren’t deadly or feed cancer—but hasn’t revealed that it has been receiving funding from Coca-Cola, according to information published by the London Times.

The drinks giant has been spending millions of dollars on a dis-information campaign that has attempted to shift the focus away from its unhealthy products.


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