Our Healing Intention Experiment: healing trauma after war

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Dear Readers,

Last week we ran the historic Healing Intention Experiment, with participants from 94 countries around the globe.  Our target was a  two-times US veteran, who fought in both the Gulf War and Afghanistan, and who has suffered extreme anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder ever since.  Working with Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, an expert in neuroscientist expert in EEG mind mapping of brain waves, we were able to see in real time the effect on our target person’s brain as we send intention to calm him down and end his anxiety.  We also had a ‘control,’ a person with extreme anxiety who wasn’t sent intention but whose brain waves were mapped as well.  Neither party knew who was getting the intention.


Inventing the problem

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Economist John Kenneth Galbraith was one of the first to identify ‘revised-sequence’ markets which, unlike the ordinary consumer-driven variety, are driven by a corporation, which controls the consumer’s attitudes and values and so creates product demand. Or, to put it more simply, they invent the problem to sell the solution.


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