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I cannot begin to thank you for the support you have given me and my work over the years. Your continued support has made books like THE INTENTION EXPERIMENT and THE BOND possible.

This summer I’m celebrating the 10th anniversary of the US publication of THE FIELD — the book that got me started in this work, which is still going as strong as ever. I hope you know just how much I appreciate you and your loyalty over the years — in our community, on my Facebook pages and in all the ways you’ve spread my message out there in the world.

Last year, after I published THE BOND, many thousands of people wrote me personally to ask for more.  Their worlds were literally falling down.  They believed the new story I had to tell, but they wanted to know how to take the ideas of THE BOND into their lives. They are hearing a good deal about evolution, they wanted to be part of the ‘transition team’ creating a new world and making ‘the shift’, but they hadn’t the vaguest idea what they, by themselves, could do.

And as I read about what was happening to America — the increased polarization, the continued number of people losing their jobs and their homes — I felt that I needed to do something: to give people the right tools to change and prosper.

So I went back to the drawing board and after many more months of heartfelt research and painstaking development, I added 15,000 words to the original manuscript.  The result is what I hope you’ll see as a ‘how to’ manual.  It gives full instructions for how to get through the many challenges of our time — and thrive.

I also changed the subtitle, to reflect our current tough times and the book’s upbeat message to ‘How to Fix Your Falling-down World.’

Besides providing an uplifting new story of who we are and how we’re supposed to live, THE BOND is now a blueprint for living a more harmonious, prosperous and connected life.

The extensive exercises and practices are designed to help THE BOND’s readers heal both their own worlds — their relationships, their workplace, their neighborhood and community — and the world at large.  These new sections are designed to help people enjoy closer relationships — even across the deepest divides — improve trust and connection at the office, and unify and rebuild neighborhoods all across America.

It’s also designed to empower each and every one of you with the tools to become local and global agents of change, so that you can learn to use simple actions to set off a contagion of giving and cooperative behavior.

With this new version of THE BOND, I hope to begin nothing less than a revolution that will start with you and cause shock waves across America — and beyond.

I am thrilled to tell you that, thanks to my publishers Free Press/Simon & Schuster, this new version of THE BOND will be available in less than a week (June 5), wherever books are sold.

It's hugely helpful to the book's success to have strong sales out of the gate, so first I’m asking for you to support me and my work right now.  I would appreciate it so much if you would pre-order your copy by clicking here ( Every sale helps tremendously and the proceeds help me to carry on with THE INTENTION EXPERIMENT and all my other non-profit projects.

As a thank you for making this initial order, I am going to pay you back with a number of FREE extra gifts:  printed and MP3 audio downloads of BONUS information about how to hold group healing sessions, how to rebuild your neighborhood, and, how to carry out ‘group’ affirmations that will supercharge your own intentions.

And for those of you who PAY IT FORWARD by buying two books — one for you and one for a friend — I am PAYING IT FORWARD back by providing a free download about how to set off a cascade of cooperation around you PLUS inviting you to a FREE LIVE teleseminar. You’ll find this all on

I am totally overwhelmed by the number of you who have asked how you can help spread the word about THE BOND and to start that revolution all across America.

Here is the latest information on the ways you can help.

6 Ways YOU Can Help Now: Please. . .

  • Pre-order your copy of The BOND:  How to Fix Your Falling Down World  and/or “Like” my author page by using the links below or using the hyperlinks
  • Share this information with at least one person who would genuinely be interested
  • Choose one of the sample Facebook statuses below (see “SPREAD THE WORD”)
  • When discussing THE BOND on Twitter, please use the hashtag: #thebondbook or @LynneMcTaggart
  • Tag me in your Facebook posts about THE BOND
THE BOND demonstrates that there is something more powerful than intention:  the power of deep connection.

On my BOND website, we’ve now set up a community page, and I have enlisted a woman highly experienced in community organizing to help get neighborhood groups started.  Already, we have great interest from many groups involved with cutting-edge science, New Thought religion, environmental issues, and more.

It’s my hope that THE BOND will prove to be the definitive map through these tough times, helping us to navigate our way out of crisis, individually and collectively, to a more enlightened future.

Again, for more information about the book, and to purchase it now, please visit, where you’ll see brand new information about the book.  Click ‘Buy Now’ and you’ll get more information about the special offer of free gifts from me.

With your help, we can expand THE BOND’s reach and transform the lives of the millions of individuals, thousands of neighborhoods and untold numbers of businesses around the world.


I would so appreciate your help promoting THE BOND through social media. The next four weeks are crucial for the book’s success. I have included sample status posts for Facebook and tweets for Twitter below, along with some further helpful information. Every purchase, social media ‘like’, comment, tweet, and re-tweet helps so much, so thanks for anything you can do.

The first step to be sure we are connected. . .

Facebook: Sample Statuses (please feel free to modify the below or copy & paste as your status)

  • Getting really excited about Lynne McTaggart’s book, THE BOND, coming out June 5! You can pre-order her copy and get FREE GIFTS on: Also “Like” her page at and find out more about how to fix your falling down world
  •  In less than a week (6/5), my friend’s book (THE BOND) will be available wherever books are sold. I'd like to show my support by asking you to pre-order a copy at and please “Like” her author page at Help create a BONDED AMERICA!
  • I’m fixing my falling down world!  Check out Lynne McTaggart’s new book, THE BOND, which is a manual for how to get through our challenging times – and thrive:
  • There’s something better than intention –the power of deep connection. I’m finding out with Lynne McTaggart’s new book THE BOND, coming out June 5.  I'd like to show my support by asking you to pre-order a copy at and please “Like” her author page at
Social Media Specifics: Want to take it a step further?

  • Always Use: #thebondbook
  • Optional Tags: @LynneMcTaggart, @freepressbooks
Sample Tweet 1:
Calling all evolutionaries @freepressbooks #thebondbook will be in stores June 5. Read the map to a better future.

Sample Tweet 2, on Tuesday June 5:

So proud of @LynneMcTaggart! Hear her carry out a LIVE INTENTION EXPERIMENT TO HEAL AMERICA ON Coast to Coast radio June 6!

Sample Tweet 3 on Tuesday June 5:

Take a midnight ride with @LynneMcTaggart, with a LIVE INTENTION EXPERIMENT for a more BONDED America on live Coast to Coast radio June 6.

Sample Tweet 4, on June 5:

@LynneMcTaggart:  The Bond hits stores today! Buy the map through these dark times –  and fix your falling-down world.

Sample Tweet 5, after June 5:

So proud of @LynneMcTaggart! Get your @freepressbooks #thebondbook copy today at your local book store.


Sample Status 1

Fellow Evolutionaries:  this is THE manual to fix your falling-down world:
Sample Status 2

After June 5: So proud of @LynneMcTaggart! Get your @freepressbooks #theondbook copy today at and heal your life!
Thank you so much for believing in and supporting my mission and spreading the word about THE BOND. Together, we are going to help countless people fix their falling-down worlds – and create a more enlightened future for another 10 years and beyond.

Love, Lynne


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