On August 7th, 2020 by Lynne McTaggart

Results of the June American Healing Intention Experiment and Power of Eight® groups Last June, I gave two keynote talks and a workshop at the International Science and Spirituality Conference.  During my talk on June 15, we ran an American Healing Peace Intention Experiment, and then several Power of Eight® group healings during my June […]


On July 31st, 2020 by Lynne McTaggart

All we’re looking for at the moment is the easy way out – the magic bullet that is going to deliver us from this blasted virus. And the media and most governments around the world maintain that the only solution to Covid 19 is a vaccine.


On July 24th, 2020 by Lynne McTaggart

Yesterday, I was listening to a brilliantly inspiring talk by the great Lisa Nichols, which was all about what people like you and me can do to help heal the great divides in our society today.


On July 17th, 2020 by Lynne McTaggart

Last week, I put forward the seemingly outlandish proposal of several scientists that our COVID-19 pandemic might actually have something to do with solar activity. The only way to consider this as any sort of remote possibility is to take a deep dive into how profoundly all life on Earth is affected by what our […]


On July 10th, 2020 by Lynne McTaggart

Despite the devastating effect it has had on most sectors of our economy, our social connections, our leisure activities and even our sanity, we’re locking down, wearing masks and socially distancing in the firm belief in that most basic tenet about viruses: they get spread by human contact.


On July 3rd, 2020 by Lynne McTaggart

Much is being said about removing institutional racism from our society, but what do we need to do to remove it from individual hearts?


On June 24th, 2020 by Lynne McTaggart

We’re still reeling with amazement over the case of Patrick Hutchison, the black bystander who, in the midst of an ugly clash between Black Lives Matter and far right protesters, lifted a far-right member to safety. He’s been on morning TV and lauded as an extraordinary anomaly – a true-life Superman.


On June 19th, 2020 by Lynne McTaggart

Amid the rioting, the angry confrontations and the deep cultural divide sparked off by the brutal murder of George Floyd, two incidents stand out that fill me with hope.


On June 12th, 2020 by Lynne McTaggart

Recently, in the ongoing protests over the wrongful death of George Floyd, protesters have turned from tearing down statues of symbolic ‘heroes’ of the past to demanding the removal of culture that depicts racism.


On June 5th, 2020 by Lynne McTaggart

We’ve been here before – again and again. Possibly the most potent symbol of police racism and brutality in America is Watts, a district in southern Los Angeles. Several decades ago, the street gangs of Watts formed the epicenter of America’s crack cocaine business. Such was the rivalry between the main gangs, the Crips and […]

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