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Thinking larger

No one doubts that we’re social creatures, designed to share food and shelter, but last week I came across some evidence in evolutionary theory suggesting that we’ve also been designed to share our thoughts. Michael Tomasello, co-director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, has written The Cultural Origins of Human Cognition, a book with a fascinating theory: that people have the power not only to share attention but to understand and imitate and hold someone else’s intention.
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Back to the future

To eat or not to eat—that is the question. Or, to put it another way, what is the perfect diet for health, perfect weight and longevity? In the close to three decades since Bryan and I have been publishing WDDTY, we’ve seen (and, in many cases, seen off) the Cambridge Diet (a very low-calorie diet), the F-Plan Diet (F is for fibre), the Atkins Diet (one of the first low-carb diets), the Hip and Thigh Diet (more very low-cal), the Zone and Montignac (two variations on a low-carb theme), the 5:2 Diet (intermittent fasting, or eating less food two days
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Of dirty medicine and double-standards

Last night I went to a screening at London’s Curzon Soho of the film JUST ONE DROP (, a great new film about homeopathy, which miraculously didn’t get banned or trolled. This professional, eight-year effort attempted to be quite even-handed, while featuring many compelling and documented success stories. There was a child with autism who began to speak, make eye contact and connect with his parents only once he’d been treated with homeopathy, with the before and after home videos to prove it.  There was a fellow whose MRSA was successfully overcome not by antibiotics but by homeopathy, and who
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